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Hi! I've installed the GIF plugin and every time I try to upload a gif it comes with the answer "HTTP error". I even managed to reduce the size of the gif to be under the 600 width limit to no avail. (The WP plugins page said the plugin was compatible with "my version of WordPress." I currently have version 4.6.1. I clicked on the "Add GIF" button, then was directed to the "Insert a Media" page; clicked on "Upload Files" and then on "Select Files". The GIF file I'm trying to upload is 15 MB, well under the established 64 MB limit. I then chose the file, located on my desktop and clicked on the "Open" button. The file seemed to upload completely until the very end, when the message returned was "HTTP error". What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance for any assistance regarding this frustrating matter. All the best, Claudio Lessa claudiolessa8@gmail.com www.claudiolessa.com

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